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Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Last Bug Fixed in Darkdevil County Demo 2.0
Decided to say it out loud, since all the little bugs not yet found will hear me and come scurrying as soon as I upload it to the servers.

Where aaaaaaaaarrrrreee youuuuu?

And since I've done so much work on this thing, rather than make it 1.5, it's going to be 2.0, so there. Still planning on 2 or maybe 3 other chunks in this thing before I declare it done. Is a couple of hours of play time as it now stands and will shortly be getting to the point it will be hard for me to keep testing from the beginning and test all available paths. So I will be relying on all YOU out there to help me out.

A word of advice to anyone who thinks they might want to make their own game and make a lot of money.


Maybe two words.

Ha ha.

Will post more when it's up there live.

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