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Friday, July 04, 2008
Daniel Biss for State Representative
Just back from the Skokie parade, marching with Daniel Biss, who's running for State Rep against an incumbent Republican in the Illinois 17th (Skokie, Morton Grove, parts of Evanston, etc.).

And running is the operative word:

My gosh, does this guy have long legs and the energy to use them!

Every time I thought I'd got a good shot of him, he was off shaking another hand, talking to another group of people, etc. Photo-op is basically not part of his vocabulary.

For example:

This one is actually semi-staged, because I begged him to stop moving for a minute! He'd just finished talking to the kids and dad right in front of the banner and then was up and off again. I think this is why he's laughing.

All this only slightly balances out the best pix of the day: camels!!

I love 4th of July parades!

Was planning to hit the Evanston parade too, which is in progress, but my legs are not as long as they used to be, I'm afraid.

If you've never gone out and marched with a candidate in a local parade, you should try it one day. It's quite fun.

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