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Friday, June 20, 2008

Canfields Diet Chocolate Fudge soda -- in cans.

Salerno Ginger Snaps

All at Treasure Island.

Both of these were things I didn't realize were no longer sold in the big chain stores (which increasingly don't seem to stock much of anything you want to buy -- or can afford to buy, like meat and vegetables).

Don't know why these seemed important to me -- perhaps it's a summer thing, cold drinks, lying on back lawn at parents house trying to tan. Yes, we drank Tab too, but switched immediately over to Fanta Grapefruit as soon as it came out, and were big Fanta fans until HS over. Diet Chocolate is from a more recent dieting phase, I think.

Ginger snaps are merely yummy. Like Cheese Doodles, they taste better when aged in a humid room for a day. I hope they haven't changed the recipe (the bag has changed -- still is paper, tho). They used to get sticky/firm/chewy.

That's about it for now. At print studio all day, good turnout, am tired. And now is beginning to really feel like summer, with a storm imminent, the neighbor's lawn being mowed, and a pitcher of ice tea brewing (what, you think I'm made of money? Soda is expensive!)

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