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Saturday, May 31, 2008
Darkdevil County Demo Available
UPDATE: Both sites below have updated version 1.01.

You can download a demo of the first few rooms at the link below. I'm missing all sorts of bells and whistles (opening intro screens, gee-wiz animations, etc.) And the walk-cycles still leave a lot to be desired. The file is fairly large, but I hope to get the size reduced soon.UPDATE: DONE! File is about 12.5 meg now.

Requirements: Windows 98 or greater, running at least DirectX 5.0, preferably Direct3D 9 or greater. Installation: just download and unzip the file folder to any location. Open the folder and click on "Darkdevil County Demo 1.xx.exe" (version number may vary). It's that simple. No fuss, no muss, no crap added to your already bloated registry. If you need to tweak performance, you can play with the settings in "winsetup.exe".

Darkdevil County Demo.zip (currently inactive 10/24/2008)

UPDATE: Have added a second site:
UPDATE 2: This is version 1 of the demo. New and improved demo 2 (or 3...) coming soon, I promise

Darkdevil County Demo

With luck, one of these sites will be up and running.

If you have problems, please let me know in comments here or at the AGS Forum linked to below.

I've heard that AGS engine games are playable in Linux/Wine configurations, or with Crossover/Mac but have no way of testing. If anyone out there wants to try it out and let me know, I'd really appreciated it. Also, haven't tested on Vista yet either.

Have fun!

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