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Saturday, April 12, 2008
One of the Happiest Days of the Year
... is today.

Finished my taxes.

But got yet another audit notice (based on the same problem I had last time, the sum of roll-over money that briefly went taxable).

But know how to fix it, so is still a pretty good day.

UPDATE: no sooner had I posted this when my laptop semi died. This goes to show that God'll get you, regardless, and he has a cruel sense of humor.

What seems to have happened is that the laptop screen has died. It comes up briefly in a strange color, then goes black. I have plugged in an external monitor, which seems to work, but no longer makes it ahem a laptop, so will have to do something very soon.

Has anyone noticed that these things always seem to happen on weekends?

Don't think it's just that I leaned on a combination of buttons that has disabled the screen. Will take it to the geek squad, and if they laugh at me, sobeit.

But I think something actually did die in this thing, and I want it fixed. Even tho this is 4 yrs old, which someone said is like 75 in people years, I don't want a new one, and I don't want to upgrade to vista, or start a linux or mac adventure. I want what I have, only working.

Tho if they can get the screen going again, I'll have them add more memory while they're at it. Will probably end up spending as much to fix it as a new cheap one would cost, but there you go. I repaired a refrigerator for a horrible rip off price too.

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