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Tuesday, February 05, 2008
As Long As You Have Your Voting Hat On...
... be aware that, once again, an idiotic, closed-door discussion of eliminating the Evanston branch libraries is underway.

As far as I'm concerned, eliminating the sewer system would be a better solution to saving money.

Ridiculous, you say? It makes as much sense to me as removing the heart from a neighborhood. I would rather shit in the street.

Check out these sites if you don't believe me:


The following site is still under construction but has a drop-down list for you to email your Evanston alderman:


Or get the address at the City of Evanston site, here.

Evanston is blessed with a great newspaper, The Evanston RoundTable, one of the few sources to discover what happens at city council. There's apparently a vote coming up on Feb. 25th (I think) about this.

If you're mad as hell, and you don't think voting in the primary is going to do enough fast enough to help us locally, please check this out. I'll try to keep on top of this issue.

If you've never gone to a city council meeting, you should do it sometime. It's a trip. I had to go once because of crappy development in my neighborhood, and the agenda item didn't even come up for discussion and citizen testimony until like 1 am the second or 3rd time we all showed up. This is their way of keeping us in the dark about what they do so we end up with 50 story skyscrapers in a town of 70,000 but don't get me started.

Speaking of which, the hole in the ground around the corner is still there, condo project has apparently been abandoned (tho imaginary pre-construction is still listed on craigslist), and the land as is with collapsing partial construction is for sale for about 2.1 mil. They are dreaming. Last transfer a year and a half ago was for half that. I've been meaning to dig into this more, but have been too busy playing stupid computer games.

Down the street, where they ripped down the non-megaplex movie theaters and left a hole in the ground, they have a construction extension for 2 years, but have to take down the fence and seed with lawn to fix the eyesore.

Such is progress.

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