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Wednesday, December 26, 2007
My Vacation

The Pit

The Lake

A Fond Farewell

By about this point I hope you've realized that, since I never go anywhere, these are computer generated.

But indeed, I "took" these pix on my vacation -- using Terragen. They are getting ready to release a new major (and complex) version that I doubt I have the memory or processing power to use. The circa 2005 version is good enough for my vacation pix. It makes me feel artistically inadequate enough.

However, how they could design something like this without an undo buffer, is beyond me. I don't think they have one in the new version either. Hope new version gets speeded up, not just that you have to have a faster machine. A similar scene that took about a minute to render in current (old) version I interrupted after 20 minutes in current beta version, and wasn't even half done yet.

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