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Thursday, November 08, 2007
Print Bazaar at Spudnik Press

Yes, I will be part of this, tho I'm not sure what I'm bringing over, perhaps a selection of the hands (since it's about the only project I've worked on this year...)

UPDATE: yes, a selection of hands, and TREES too.

Spudnik Press came up with a catalog for the first show ("One of One"). You can download it here and make a five buck contribution.

The Chicago Printmakers Collaborative annual small prints show is starting earlier this year (I'll have a half dozen or so pieces in it -- again, not a clue what it will be at the moment). Longer hours, and for the first time they'll take CREDIT CARDS (which means they've raised the commission rate for us, so we'll have to pass it along to you, just like they do at the grocery store).

Still recovering from a quick, violent cold. Have bad laryngitis right now -- went to fruit market to get fruit and was surprised that I could say nothing to the nice person at the deli counter and had to pantomime my desire for provalone.

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