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Wednesday, October 03, 2007
Pricing Hazmat Suits

A good selection can be found here.

Have been cleaning the raw sewage from the basement. Now the place has that delightful sewage/bleach smell. Wish now I really had bought one of these babies -- they make a disposable one that doesn't cost too much.

Still not done, but I was feeling sick and shivery, so had to get away for a few minutes, and thought of you.

To add to the pile of troubles, the painting I wanted to submit for the Figurative Art League show (will dig out dates for you) is 1/8th inch too wide for the frame. Is due by tomorrow, so will have to glue on a cradle or duct tape some kludge together.

In any case it means cleaning the sewage away from the table with the saw and hoping I don't electrocute myself.

Good news is that I've found a lot of missing socks.

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