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Sunday, August 19, 2007
Daniel Biss for Illinois State Rep, 17th District
How cool is this?

No, it's not photoshopped. And it doesn't mean he has all the money in the world he needs either, so go here to find out more and contribute.

Just back from campaign kickoff on one of the rainiest days I can remember, a day we're all supposed to go door to door in the 17th district to get signatures to get Daniel on the ballot for the February 5th primary. Luckily the heavens closed for us as t-shirts and petition forms were distributed and even as I speak, someone from the campaign may now be knocking at your door.

If so, please answer and sign. There were so many people at the rally that he probably right now has enough signatures, but you can never have enough. A lot get tossed out for various reasons. The filing date I believe is October 29th.

I got there a little late and had to squeeze in the back just as the magnificent Jan Schakowsky, always a great and brief rally speaker, got us revved. Daniel spoke briefly, and the race was afoot.

The big news was also that Larry Suffredin, currently a Cook County Commissioner, is planning to run for Cook County States Attorney, since Dick Devine isn't planning to run again. I don't see anything online about it yet.

Since I'm not yet in full-out political mode, I completely forgot to bring the camera. I promise I'll remember next time.

Since they moved the primary up to February, the campaign season is drastically shortened. This is of course both good and bad. The good part is that it gives Daniel (I am assuming here that of course he will win the primary) more time for the district to get to know him.

It is vital that we keep the Illinois State House in Democratic hands, despite a certain pissed-offedness at Blagojovich many feel (and a pissed-offedness at Mike Madigan who couldn't be screwing things up for the party more if he had spent years and years studying at the feet of the Republicans).

We are inches away from a health care plan of some sort that may even cover such as me (I can't keep track of what the latest budget compromise is). I am not holding my breath or counting on manna from heaven this year.

But next year, watch out.

(I sorta apologize for all the links to the same place, but I understand this is how you're supposed to do it because some people read from the top down, others bottom up, and others just glance randomly and click stuff. So.)

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