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Monday, August 13, 2007
Move Along, Nothing to See Here
Wasn't he gone once before but then brought back?

Karl Rove to leave White House

If he's not working for the White House his emails won't be subpoenable, right? So he can continue to be the architect of the successful (from the Dem's point of view) GOP strategy from his Texas bunker, please dear god let it be true.

Perhaps I've been playing RPGs for too many hours during this horrible heat wave, but this is a classic move for a super boss monster, to return to its den under the volcano or in the pit of hell or wherever and suck in strength so he'll be even harder for your little team of adventurers to kill the next time.

Do I detect the hand of Darth Cheney in this?

So, as I said. Nothing to see here. But let's tiptoe very quietly past his swamp and up our ST, DX, MP, and HP as high as we can before next November.

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