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Thursday, July 19, 2007
Could Have Been Me

Not driving the car -- but this is the Panera Bread store where till recently I mooched my Wi-Fi. Drove by earlier today and the scene was outrageous. They had just removed the car from the restaurant where it had been sitting peacefully. The news tonight said that 4 burly customers lifted the car enough to remove a woman who had been pinned under it. When I drove by (after getting a duplicate drivers license and library card), there were so many cameras and tv crews and gawkers and yellow tape and glass, I couldn't believe it was sleepy old Wilmette.

Maybe I'll think differently when I'm 94, but I hope someone will tell me if I shouldn't be driving. I hope sincerely it's not an age thing, and that there was some other reason the woman ran into the store (like she hated Panera Bread, or she was a terrorist or something).

Have nearly completely recovered from the theft of my purse except for the makeup buying thing -- but must wait for the credit card to arrive before I tackle that. Not that I wear much, but there are days when you look at your face and think it looks like a slipper that's been kicked under the bed and think, lipstick.

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