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Monday, July 02, 2007
Print Center show
Click on this link right now!

Libby at roberta and libby's artblog goes to the Print Center show in Philadelphia, and comes away with tons of great images. Yes, people, hand pulled prints are alive and well, and surprisingly affordable.*

Today is starting out well. Decided to cleanse the front porch of stacks of flyers, New Yorkers, and general junk mail and found money hidden in what I'd thought was junk mail -- an escrow refund (didn't think it was possible). So let that be a lesson to you. Miracles are possible.

The hands will rise again in August. They've just been accepted to a show at Mars Gallery. I don't have the dates or any more information yet. 20 of them this time, framed. You can see work by other painters and printmakers (Sadie Gerbic, Peggy Shearn, Joe Taylor, and Tom Warchol) at the same time. I hear there will be martinis as well.

*just ask me what I've got. go on, you know you want to.

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