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Sunday, June 24, 2007
One Down, One to Go
Brown takes over Labour Party from Blair - Change at 10 Downing Street
MANCHESTER, England - Treasury chief Gordon Brown, replacing Tony Blair as leader of Britain’s Labour Party, vowed Sunday that the country’s foreign policy will recognize that defeating terrorism “involves more than military force.”

Brown, who will succeed Blair as prime minister on Wednesday, also pledged sweeping domestic reforms to tackle poverty and improve health care. The woman elected Sunday as his deputy, Harriet Harman, has called for the government to apologize for mistakes over the Iraq war.
Good afternoon, friends. Perhaps this will reverse the right-ward drift of politics over there (tho it seems mostly to be France and Germany).

We'll see. Wish Bush would just decide to step down, tho who in his party would we want to take over until a full election? Darth Cheney?

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