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Friday, June 15, 2007
Boy, It's Been Awhile
...but I'm really still here!

Have been suffering all this time from lack of internet -- or rather slow dial-up, since I finally figured out the free wi-fi I'd been getting from whereever (I still think it was the school and hence paid for by my tax dollars) seems to be gone for good.

And even if it reappears, I don't care, since I've now joined the DSL world (what ATT hilariously calls "high speed internet"). It's cheap and comes with a dial-up account usable on the road (and more importantly, at the houses of unconnected and country-living relatives). Memo to self: must try out BEFORE I leave town.

Here's the shot of my stuff at the Spudnik Press show. 42 hands. Count 'em.

There was (and perhaps still is -- this is supposed to be the last day of the show) some wonderful stuff at the show. Too much to describe. Got an email today from Angee (who runs the place) that she's thinking of publishing a catalog. Wow.

Some of you had been singing along as I started the hand series. You will all be happy to know that I am almost ready to grain off the stones used and declare it DONE. Almost.

Have started playing around with polyester plates, also known as D2P or pronto plates. If anyone out there has suggestions on how to clean, store, and reopen the plates PLEASE PLEASE let me know. I loved working with such a quick drawing surface, but discovered that in some ways it's almost the opposite of litho printing -- read somewhere that you have to strip as much ink off before storing it else it fills. We ran out just as I decided to get serious about experimenting, and the new order hasn't arrived yet.

Anyway, welcome me back into the fold, please. I'll try to post more since I now have no more excuses.

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