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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Square Paintings at Luckystar
Will have some of the square paintings at the Square Off show at Luckystar Studio, opening this Sunday, April 15th from 12-5. So if you're down in Pilsen, check it out. I think it's the last show at this location. They're off (or back) to Milwaukee.

Also, dropped off some work at Art Lovers in Carbondale and at Visions in Makanda, when I was down inspecting the new baby. The new baby's mother (Linda Choate) happens to be an artist (finishing the MFA temporarily on hold), and quite good. She did a painting in cold black, white, and grays of a baby with huge hands reaching toward the viewer (image is painting of a babydoll with plaster casts of her own hands, all spray painted silver -- yikes).

This strikes me as quite an accurate portrayal of motherhood, now that I've seen it up close again. Disturbing, but it haunts. Wish I'd got a snap of it amongst the several hundred I took (and haven't downloaded from the camera yet) of baby sleeping, baby sleeping, baby sleeping, baby sleeping, baby sleeping, baby yawning, baby sleeping, baby sleeping (rinse lather repeat).

Am wondering what she'll be painting now that she has a flesh and blood model, once she gets back to it in maybe 18 years.

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