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Thursday, March 29, 2007
It's a Boy!
Welcome to the world, Brier Lee! My sister (older, older!) is now a granny (one of the hip, young ones, of course, practically a Gillmore Girl) which makes me a great aunt.

And yes, I WILL be a grrreeat aunt.

Pix at some point. I hear he's cuter than a puppy, if that's possible.

His parents aren't married and don't see much point right now (being in school and/or with minimum wage/no benefit jobbettes), and they're probably right, but I'm the wrong person to ask, since I've never seen the point of marriage either, especially now with DNA tests conclusively proving parentage and hence financial responsibility.

As to love... well, if I'm compelled to by the state, no thanks. If it's voluntary, great.

So sleep peacefully, baby boy. There's plenty of folks out there keeping a loving eye on you.

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