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Saturday, March 24, 2007
Yes, there's yet another stew in Washington with the revelation (on a Friday, of course) that Gonzo did indeed lie when he said he knew nothing about firing those 9 US Attorneys.
Gonzales said last week he was not involved in any discussions about the impending dismissals of federal prosecutors. On Friday night, however, the department disclosed Gonzales’ participation in a Nov. 27 meeting where such plans were discussed.

That e-mail only added to the calls for Gonzales’ ouster. [ed. hey, howse about getting rid of his boss too?]
No, what I mean today is actual beef stew, which I am cooking, even though it's nearly (or maybe even greater than) 70 degrees outside. How did that happen? Yesterday when I shopped it was drizzly and damp, perfect stewing conditions. Today it's summer, and apparently is only going to get better for the next few days. So I have meat and a crockpot I haven't used in decades, so let's see what happens.

Is ridiculous to blog about this stuff, but I got nuthin else at the moment. Have opened up the studio in the back (that has no heat) and dusted the cobwebs off a few paintings I'd been working on (and the new boat painting that's still not quite right, so should just move on). Nothing is arriving in my brain for a printmaking project, or any other one. And on top of that, the Wi-Fi is out again. Can access the hotspot, but the hotspot connection to the net seems to be down. Let's hope it's being massively upgraded with tons of fast fiber and servers.

Since I still don't know where I'm connecting (assume it's a nearby school or the train station, hence perfectly legal), I can't complain to anyone, except to you, my dearest friends.

So I am stewing (ha ha) a lot of stuff today.

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