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Friday, March 09, 2007
Wish They'd Do All That Here
But I guess, as Americans, we've been perfected aleady:

WP: Bush's Latin aid quotes misleading:
During his six-day tour of Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico, Bush plans to promote initiatives that expand on the usual U.S. regional agenda of trade agreements and counter-narcotics programs. He has announced new programs to train teachers in Latin America, the June arrival of a U.S. Navy medical ship that will provide health services in a dozen Latin American and Caribbean countries, low-income housing initiatives and a regional energy alliance to promote the production of ethanol.
Have been feeling a little stomachy (perhaps from all the Jujyfruits I've been binging on), but unless a limb is actually severed, we don't go to the doctor these day unless we plan to spend the next dozen years ducking collection agencies.

Wish I could stand on the shore of Lake Michigan waiting for the Bush Boat. But I'd be dead before it showed up.

Good morning, friends. I should still be sleeping, but something unusual hit me in the face and woke me up.


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