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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Happy Spring
Yes, for everyone except a few:

House panel subpoenas White House aides
The White House has refused to budge in the controversy, standing by embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and insisting that the firings were appropriate. White House spokesman Tony Snow said that in offering aides to talk to the committees privately, Bush had sought to avoid the “media spectacle” [ed.: you mean Anna Nicole got a subpoena too?] that would result from public hearings with Rove and others at the witness table.
And you know that if, 3 years from now, maybe 4, after the Bush-appointed Supreme Court has finished with it, somehow they have to appear, they'll lie anyway or be unable to recall anything.

But until then, this is why we worked so hard, walking our precincts, knocking on your doors all summer and fall. We have to open up our government and let the sunshine in.

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