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Saturday, July 07, 2007
Attacks kill 50 Iraqis, 8 U.S. troops
Attacks kill 50 Iraqis, 8 U.S. troops
TUZ KHORMATO, Iraq - Suicide bombings killed nearly 50 people and wounded dozens in two Shiite villages north of Baghdad, including a large truck explosion Saturday that ripped through an outdoor market and buried victims in rubble, officials said.

Separately, eight American troops and a British soldier were killed in fighting over two days.
Democrats! Republicans! SOMEONE! Please, end this war NOW!

Am blogging from my undisclosed location on Lake Geneva, bunkered down with black raspberries and a cool lake breeze, even though out beyond the porch it's heading for the mid nineties. The house we're borrowing is from the turn of the century, hence constructed properly to grab every spare breeze available. I may have drawings and/or photos later, depending on how un-lazy I feel.

I may be on vacation, but Congress hasn't adjourned yet, has it? Nancy, please put the juice on and make us proud that you're our leader. Thwart the monster at the top at every single turn. We are ruled by demons.

UPDATE: Up to more than 100 dead now, 200 or more injured or trapped. This is hideous.

UPDATE, UPDATE: At last, perhaps, they're getting the idea that NO ONE wants this war:

Sensing a Shift, Reid Will Press for an Iraq Exit
Sensing momentum from the new Republican defections, Mr. Reid and other leading Democrats intend to force a series of votes over the next two weeks on proposals to withdraw troops and limit spending. Democrats are increasingly confident they can assemble majority opposition to administration policies.
Tho why listening to freeking DEMOCRATS and sensing that DEMOCRATS were pissed wasn't enough is beyond me. I am sick to death of taking what Republicans want as law and reacting to it. Let's just do it because it's right, and keep throwing our policy back at them until they understand that the will of the people has little to do with what official Washington wants.

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