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Tuesday, July 03, 2007
It Continues (plus an insight)
Bush won't rule out pardon for Libby
"I made a judgment, a considered judgment, that I believe was the right decision to make in this case," the president said. "And I stand by it." At the same time, he left the door open for the possibility of a pardon later.
Saw this while on hold to call the White House comment line, which I hope is flooded (and I am now expecting a knock at the door and removal to Gitmo any minute, since am sure ATT will gladly hand over my records and emails to them).

The insight part of it is as follows: Bush seems to be acting very much like I did when I wanted to leave a job but was too ambivalent about it to actually quit. So I came in late a lot, was surly and hungover, made questionable decisions, pissed people off, etc. etc. enough so that I got fired.

Is this what Bush wants to happen? Sounds goofy, but I think something like this may be happening. He's exploring the edges of the presidency. He's way way out there.

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