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Monday, August 13, 2007
Beyond Boundaries Show Update
When we said that the Beyond Boundaries show at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative was designed to go on tour (beyond boundaries, like of Chicago, get it?), you all scoffed. Yeah, right, you all said. Who wants to look at a bunch of freeking prints:

Well ha ha on you. Here's the current schedule:

Beyond Boundaries 2007/2008 Tour:

stop #1:
H.F. Johnson Art Gallery at Carthage College
"Beyond Boundaries" (with 4 additional CPC artists exhibiting)
Kenosha, WI
contact: Diane Levesque
Exhibition dates: October 20 - November 18, 2007

stop #2:
The Larson Gallery, Yakima Valley State University
Yakima, Washington
contact: Cheryl Hahn
Exhibition dates: January 11 - February 9, 2008

stop #3:
Saginaw Valley State University
University Center, MI
contact: David Littell
Exhibition dates: March 10 - April 8, 2008

stop #4:
Western Kentucky University (still tentative, but likely to get confirmed soon)
Bowling Green, Kentucky
contact: Kristina Arnold, Gallery Director
Exhibition dates: April 21 - May 19, 2008

There are still tentative plans for a "welcome home" bash. Will let you know more.

And from high to low: let's take a moment to remember Elizabeth Murray, dead at 66. A very good obit by Roberta Smith. We should all be so lucky.

Truly sad. Not to mention, if 60 is the new 40, she was younger than me.

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