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Thursday, August 02, 2007
Yes, Still Here
I am flattered that people get concerned when they don't see me around the internet, but it usually means either I'm too depressed to get online and blog, or possibly too busy (tho that's never stopped me before), or I'm in some undisclosed bunker waiting out the apocalypse without a computer, or I'm caught up in some crack-like game like Everlong (true -- and never was a game more aptly titled), or I've been sucking large amounts of time playing with animations and photoshopping (also true).

Have been wanting to do something to animate my hands, and maybe make little flip books, but as we all know, I could have painted the entire freeking Sistine Chapel in the amount of time it takes to figure out how to do something using even the simplest graphics/animation program. Progress is highly overrated.

I was going to post a little something, but the way the hand was moving looked a bit um pornographic, so perhaps will save it for *later.

A programming note: we (the Noyes Street printmakers) will be at Evanston Farmers market this Saturday, and also the 18th. We'll be demoing printmaking, passing out propaganda for the Evanston Art Center, and selling our own stuff. At least 6 people have committed to it -- really good printmakers, too -- so you should interrupt your search for the perfect melon and check us out.

*In that vein, the hands will make their next outing at The Man Show, opening Aug 18th at Mars Gallery, along with the Penis Fish and perhaps others of your favorites. More details later (the website currently says the opening is from 8 to 12 pm, but there's no way I'm going to be at an art reception that starts at 8 am**, so I think it's probably 8 to midnite).

**Especially since I don't currently have a doppelganger (I left it in the world of Everlong) and I will be at Farmers market that early in any case.

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