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Sunday, August 26, 2007
Liberals Invade the Airwaves
Are pigs flying out there? Has hell frozen over the flooded parts of the midwest?

Keith Olbermann makes it to broadcast TV going up against 60 Minutes

Those of you who have cable will smile gently, but this is Big News for those of us without. Now we can all see for ourselves what the fuss is about and not have to squint at You Tube recaps till we go blind.

Good morning, friends. It is finally a perfect day, low humidity, sunny sunshine, and DRY. I get more anxious in this weather, however, than when it's pouring outside, since in bad weather there isn't much you really have to do out there, but when it's nice, there's always tons to do, like mow my 3 foot tall lawn and cut up some downed branches.

The picture of the giant mushroom I wanted to show you doesn't look so special any longer, since it has fallen on its side and animals have begun to feast. Before it toppled it had grown to a sturdy foot tall, or more.

But the camera was in the car at the time and it was raining. Sorry.

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