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Friday, August 24, 2007
Very Very Lucky
My block took no damage to speak of except a few small branches in yesterday's storms, but some of the roads just a few blocks further north and west are still impassable.

Good morning, friends. If you're reading this you'll realize I'm not at the print studio this morning (tho I do sometimes bring the computer with). The sky is getting very dark again.

One of the biggest trees in the area near the middle school is down -- it looks like it had exploded, not just fallen. Maybe that was the crack of lightning I saw that sucked the power down, but then let it came back up again.

The eeriest thing I experienced was right before the 50 mph gusts hit, a high whining sound, almost like the cicadas all decided on the same note. Or like the sound when you run a finger around the rim of a glass. Everything seemed to vibrate as though ready to explode.

Anyway, I'm fine, and hope you all are too. My sister had been in town for a training session out on Lake-Cook road, but got out before the storm hit, else she would have been flooded. I think the industrial park where her company is located is in the block that has standing water and downed trees.

And as always, the camera is in the car. I have a giant mushroom growing in my yard.

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