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Friday, September 07, 2007
Lightning Strikes Twice
You may remember that barely six weeks ago my car was broken into.

Well, they did it again, and in exactly the same place, just breaking the opposite window.

This time ha ha I thwarted them, since I've started being good about taking my purse inside with me.

And for once, the camera was NOT in the car -- I was charging up the batteries hoping to get out to the shows tonight, after putting in a stint at the studio this am.

SO, sorry, folks. This time they're sending evidence technicians to CSI the place. The cop didn't look like he really wanted this to happen, since it probably means more work for him, expense to the city, less time with the kids, etc. etc.

Hey you criminals out there! Don't you ever think about anyone other than yourselves? Apparently not.

And now I have to fork over yet another 75 bucks to Evanston Glass. I suppose they could have broken a more expensive window. Maybe they thought they were being kind.

UPDATE: the evidence technician left a little while ago, and it was just like CSI -- all done in the dark by flashlight. He found a really good fingerprint and lifted it just like on TV. Plus he was really cute, too.

I was unaware that the gloves they wear aren't ordinary latex gloves, but have bug spray and disinfectant in them. He said it makes them tricky to get on. You learn something new every day.

UPDATE 2: I thought they hadn't taken anything this time, but I was wrong. They snatched a briefcase/portfolio from the trunk that had ALL my printmaking notes from every class I'd ever taken, plus many of my own, 2 notebooks, a sketchpad, folders of xeroxes for xerox transfers, an old zinc plate I'd only printed a few times. And a few monoprints I'd taken to show someone.

Listen, creeps. Take the wallet, take the money, I don't care. But please, if you want the briefcase, dump the contents first? OK?

This has seriously bummed me. I remember I had a painting stolen once from a rack at school and the beauty of that painting has grown and grown in my mind for 10 years.

Maybe this is nature's way of telling me it's time to fill up new notebooks with more and better stuff. There are always more flower drawings to do, more hands, more feet. Just freeking do it.

I don't think the thief was thinking all this, tho.

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