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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Went For a Walk
Felt strange putting one foot in front of the other for distances longer than from house to car, car to studio, car to train.

I realize you all may think I'm crazy, but this winter has been very hard and I've succumbed to a bad case of winter hermitism. And a bad slip a few days ago, and a pinched nerve in my back a few weeks ago made me very aware I don't have health insurance.

If Bush thinks those rebate checks some of us may be getting are going to be spent on Made in the USA consumer goods, he's delusional. (Well, he's delusional anyway, but...).

Got another bill from IRS today. Apparently I neglected to calculate the penalty for my underpayment of 2005 taxes correctly, so that's where the rebate (if I even qualify for one) will be going.

Or maybe the gas bill, which is north of 200 bucks.

But I didn't think about any of those things when I went for my walk, since I hadn't opened the mailbox yet.

I can face it all now because it was sunny, in the 20s, and the snow in Gillson Park was dry and glistening. Cerulean shadows and pink reflections.

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