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Thursday, February 07, 2008
Because Everyone Is Already Out of Work
Weekly U.S. jobless claims decline
Those fears were increased on Tuesday when the Institute for Supply Management reported a startling contraction in the service sector, triggering a 370-point drop that day in the Dow Jones industrial average.

On Wednesday, Macy’s department stores reported disappointing sales results for January and announced that the company was cutting 2,300 jobs, adding to worries that the current economic slowdown is spreading.
They can start with the staff that sends me that steady stream of emails -- at least one a day. How many "lowest price ever" sales do they think we're gullible enough to believe?

At least we're not hearing a whole lot about privatizing Social Security these days.

Good afternoon, friends. I'm afraid to look outside at my driveway. I spent hours last week clearing it to the street, but that was easy, light, dry snow. This is like shoveling bricks. Wet bricks. Wet bricks with lead in them. Wet lead.

If I can get the car out, I'll commit to definitely doing studio tomorrow. If not, I'll have to get up early and trudge the distance, so if you're concerned, email or call me.

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