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Saturday, March 22, 2008
I Thought They Were All Shaped That Way
Illinois-shaped corn flake sells for $1,350
CHICAGO - Two sisters from Virginia sold their Illinois-shaped corn flake on eBay Friday night for $1,350.

"We were biting our nails all the way up to the finish, seeing what would happen," said Melissa McIntire, 23. "There's a lot of relief involved."
Your best friend has probably emailed you this already, but if not, you read it here first.

Good afternoon, friends. I would have said "morning", since I just got up, but it would be wrong.

Have been working on few secret projects (to be revealed fairly soon -- hint: you can play it) that have obsessed me. And I need to roll with my obsessions, because, frankly, what else do I have?

We are getting heavily into the art season, and after this last batch of snow (about 4 inches where I am) melts, we have no excuse not to get out there.

Ryan Scheidt has started a new art blog and has invited me to contribute, which I will do if I ever have anything to say again. Also a website and other projects.

I don't know him other than that we were both contributors to a collaborative comic book ("Astro Boy"), a project started by Mark Hudson that was making the rounds over the winter. I contributed a panel introducing "Black Glasses Girl."

So that's it, for now. There is actually a deadline for this project I'm trying to make. More news later, perhaps.

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