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Sunday, March 23, 2008
It's All About the Candy

My favorite documentary image of all time. Don't know the artist or remember where I got it from. If someone can enlighten me, I'd appreciate it.

As soon as the sales are over starting tomorrow, we're at the end of the candy-based holidays for a brief while (I think) -- Mother's Day is most likely next. So perhaps the butts will finally melt away along with the snow.

I can't remember the last time -- if ever -- we had 3 inches of snow left (an inch did melt yesterday) on Easter, with temps cruising the freezing mark.

Back to work.

PS: My web pages for resume and Gillson Park at the side have vanished. Must find a better hosting service. If anyone knows of a good one (free, lots of storage that doesn't disappear after 30 days, etc., direct linkable, I don't mind if there's a bunch of ads, but no malware or trackers, please), let me know via comments. Have heard that google is starting something as a companion to blogger, but haven't heard an update yet.

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