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Wednesday, May 14, 2008
Yes, Still Here
I seem to be posting quite a lot of these useless bloggings, but honestly, I just don't have a whole lot to say these days.

Just sent off the final (I hope) audit demand to the IRS for the second part of my rollover that I screwed up on -- and feel lighter by quite a lot of coinage -- but nowhere near the almost 8000 bucks they really wanted.

So now I just have to do something about my lawn -- mower isn't starting up. I am not handy, so I know it costs about 80 bucks for someone to do maintenance on it.

The city of Evanston, however, has an odd lawnmower exchange policy. They're apparently trying to get the gas guzzlers/ polluters (like me) off the lawns, so are giving a fairly decent discount if you turn in your old mower at a local hardware store and buy either a manual or electric job. The tradeoff is about even (assuming my mower doesn't magically come back to life, if only briefly) with paying for maintenance, so, even as the lawn lengthens, am thinking about doing it.

Unfortunately it means cleaning out the trunk of the car and hefting it up into it as best I can, then driving veryvery slowly to the dropoff point. I really wish I still had my old little station wagon (an old Toyota Starlet -- got about 50 mpg back during the last gas crisis -- why can't they do it anymore?).

Still working on the game. Keep thinking I'm just about the point I'm going to upload something, but then I need to do Just One More Fix.

One of these days...

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