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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
McClellan: Bush misled U.S. on Iraq - Washington Post
McClellan: Bush misled U.S. on Iraq - Washington Post
[...who says] the Iraq war was sold to the American people with a sophisticated "political propaganda campaign" led by President Bush and aimed at "manipulating sources of public opinion" and "downplaying the major reason for going to war."
Well, duh, and Hallelujah!

This was the news I woke up to at the top of the hour -- an amazing thing, since the news so disgusts me I tend to hit "off" rather than "snooze" most mornings. Yes! One of those very "sources of public opinion" was now telling me that they had been duped by Bush and his cronies.

And that, Yes! You should believe them now!

Do you now get why news readership is down? That the news programs that had been shovelling the shit for the president for so long are so laughable?

How can you trust what is reported if the press doesn't do its job all the time? If it stops questionning, gives presidents and presidential candidates free passes all the time?

Bush should have been impeached long ago.

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