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Wednesday, June 04, 2008
A Few Updates
Have updated a few links on the side and added the main Darkdevil County demo site link and the link to the AGS forum "In Production" thread, where I've been chatting away.

Have discovered that the old "Gillson Park" Compuserve link from 1886 still works -- don't know why, since I cancelled that creaky old account 45 years ago -- boy, does it look dated! I'm sure I told you all back then that I was going to do something about it but never did -- so there's no need to repeat a fib. Will be updating the resume that had been there one of these days -- no need for you all to read about my buggy whip credentials and 2nd prize in the Lascaux Cave Painting contest. Until then, the links on the side are fairly current.

Is odd. Speaking of caves, feel like I'm emerging from one after a long winter. And on top of everything, it looks like we now have a wonderful presidential nominee. Nearly time to tie on my political shoes and go campaign where I'm needed. Go, Barack, GO!

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