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Saturday, June 28, 2008
Weather Happens

For once camera not in the car but inside the house, and with batteries charged too, just in time to snap pix of hail stones larger than the mulberries littering my sidewalks. Not quite golf-ball size, more like jawbreaker or large gumball size.

Storm blew thru for only a few minutes, but got pelted. Huge gusty winds took out a screen window. Am glad I harvested a few quarts of mulberries earlier today.

I know, all you out there hate my mulberry trees. They've been called the rats and pigeons of the tree world. The purple juice gets everywhere, and the berries are slippery if you ride over them on your bike.

I plan on freezing as many as I can this year.

And the black raspberries have just started. I ate 3 ripe ones this morning.

Have been very lucky this year, since bad storms have tended to pass a few miles north or south of me. Right before the hail began, the street 2 doors down from me was wet and slick, right in front of me was perfectly dry. Weird.

UPDATE: Have some horrifying pictures from friend Sadie Gerbic who had a booth at the Fountain Square Art Fair -- she lost quite a lot.

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