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Tuesday, July 01, 2008
A First
I had to restore something from backup for the very first time today. (Not counting the endless times I had to patch up Access files in the old days when I was doing database crap for a living which meant calling the network guys and begging them to do something, please).

Somehow I managed to delete my entire folder of games miscellany a few weeks ago -- sounds, junk, images, cute YouTube links, demos, etc. etc. plus old versions of AGS etc. And just noticed it today when I was looking for a thudding sound I'd stashed away.

Luckily, I'd started keeping daily backups when I first had problems with my laptop screen (yes, still using the same machine, still with the external monitor) back in April. Still can't imagine how I managed to delete the folder by mistake -- probably during an attempt at tidying up the desktop -- as hopeless a task as tidying up my living room, unfortunately.

So let that be a lesson to you. Never go tidying stuff up.

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