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Tuesday, July 01, 2008
More Signs of the Apocalypse
Starbucks to cut up to 12,000 jobs, close 600 stores
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Starbucks Corp (NasdaqGS:SBUX - News) said on Tuesday it plans to close 600 underperforming stores and eliminate as many as 12,000 full- and part-time positions, lifting shares nearly 6 percent.
Where will 12,000 artists and part-time actors/muscicans get a job now?

And another sign:

Obama courts conservatives with new faith program

You must always be careful who you lie down with. You may not be able to get up again.

I think this is a terrible idea. Let's bring back all those programs cut by the faith-based crowd, who want to "do good" and tell you who you can love or not love or how and when to do it while they're at it. Let's put our tax dollars to work on secular activities like health care, education, job creation, energy, the environment, etc. etc. etc. (repeat across the page). Let's rebuild our ties to all peoples of the world. Let's become statesmen again. Let's let the government stay in the governing business and get out, once and for all, of the religion business. It's medieval. I don't want to elect a pope. I want a president. And I freeking don't mean McCain.

I sense that the country as a whole is sick to death of this crap too. I always think it's better to bring people along with actual leadership than to suck up. I think Obama can do it. Just not this way.

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