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Monday, July 14, 2008
Amy Shearn Book Release/Signing Parties

... for How Far is the Ocean from Here.

If you're in Brooklyn, you're really in luck, because you can go to the real, official launch. If not, you can check the calendar here. The whispers so far is that it's a good book, a first novel by a genuinely hot and smart new writer.

In the Chicago area, this is the schedule:

July 28th, 7pm: Borders, Highland Park., 595 Central Ave., Highland Park, IL 60035

July 29, 7pm: Book Stall, Winnetka, 811 Elm St., Winnetka, IL 60093

July 30, 7pm: Funny Ha Ha reading with other readers TBD at the Hideout, Chicago, 1354 W. Wabansia Ave., Chicago, IL 60622 (773) 227-4433

In honor of her daughter's debut, fellow printmaker (and excellent blogger) Peggy Shearn has created a poster for Thunder Lodge (which figures in the book):

(I have cropped away the lovely handmade wooden frame, but I bet you can see it in person if you go to one of these events).

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