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Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Darkdevil County Demo 2.0 Released
Download it from here -- it's about 20 meg. When you get it, unzip it and click on the Darkdevil County Demo 2.0 exe file. It's THAT SIMPLE. You can read the How To Install txt file for more info and a summary of the story line. Note to previous gamers: "save" files from version 1 aren't compatible. Sorry.

Site 1:
Darkdevil County Demo Version 2.0

Site 2:
Darkdevil County Demo 2.zip
(currently inactive 10/24/2008)

This is a fairly major release for me (hence bumping to 2.0), so I hope everyone has fun. I'm going out to buy some champagne right now, so let me know about any bugs later.

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