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Friday, August 05, 2005
Friday Tree Blogging
The fastest print in the (mid)west:

Grained the stone yesterday, did the drawing, processed and printed today. This was the first proof, and son of a gun, the other prints resemble it. Is cooler today. Stone was printing perfectly with mix of carbon black plus rollup black (these are notes to myself, folks, so if you don't care about lithography, please ignore). Used litho pencils 5 and 3, processed with 6 and 10 drops of nitric.

Phew. Nothing seemed to be scumming or filling in, so closed the stone and ran out of the place before something could go wrong.

Good afternoon, or perhaps it's evening already. Am exhausted from 2 full days of printing. Will have a face for you later, but feet hurt too much to run and get it from the car. Just spent the last hour racing around between my banks juggling funds, trying to time when the Visa will hit vs. checks clearing, etc. Ended up having to do a money order, which I've never done before, but should be cheaper than suffering an overdraft.

This is what happens when your head is in the arty clouds.

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