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Sunday, July 24, 2005
In Hiding
... from the sun and heat and potential 100 plus degree weather. Just stuck my nose out and it was nearly burned off.

Is a pity, since want to go to the opening today for Beverly Kedzior and Yvette Kaiser Smith at Noyes Cultural Arts Center. The show is called "Narratives of Biology & Identity," reception today, Sunday, from 3-5 pm.

I think the opening for the EAC Faculty show is today, too, though the web site has 2 different dates, and no times. Someone has fallen down on the job. Assume it's not the 29th, since that would be Friday, and they never have openings on a Friday.

This is the kind of thing Kedzior does.

And I've written about Kaiser Smith before. She crochets giant shapes in fiberglass. I helped wrangle one of her huge pieces out of the truck last week -- not as delicate as it appears, friends, huge and very heavy.

Noyes doesn't have a website, unfortunately.

Will try to get over there later. What I saw as the show was getting installed looked pretty good, though the Kedzior stuff looked a little less crisply painted than I've seen before. As usual, the crocheted sculpture is astonishing, and the scale of these pieces (several of them layered on top of others) adds a new level of complexity to the artist's work.

Until then, you will find me on my couch drinking ice water and sucking down popsicles.

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