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Sunday, July 17, 2005
Branding Death
Marketer enlisted to lure recruits
The Pentagon has been using a private marketing firm to mine high school records for data on younger recruits, a result of the No Child Left Behind law, as military officials struggle to fill the dwindling lower ranks in the armed forces.

As part of this behind-the-scenes campaign to attract young people, private marketing companies are also trying to create a brand [ed. !!!] that lures the youth market to enlist.
You must read this article. Did you know that even if you (on behalf of your child) sign an "opt out" form so recruiters won't try to snatch your kid away and send them to be slaughtered in Iraq, all their personal info still goes into the marketing database? So that a "brand" can be created? This makes me sick.
College students are targeted in a different way.

In their case, the Pentagon uses the same techniques that businesses employ to sell cars, cell phones or potato chips. They use gimmicks and highlight the adventure of serving the country.

Good middle-of-the-night, folks. Did a last cruise of the internets and found this. Worth reading even if you must register (or use bugmenot.)

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