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Thursday, July 07, 2005
Speechless, Late Edition
Britain suffers its worst-ever terror attack

Was in a hurry this morning, and angry at the neighbors -- pounding to the right of me, pounding to the back, and now to the left too, as they decided to fix the roof and used my side yard as a work area. Didn't catch the news.

Printed, somewhat. Somewhat successful, somewhat not. Didn't turn the radio on in the car. Oblivious.

Came home, grumbling, tired. Construction still chopping and beeping behind me, roofing and general chaos to the left, the right.

Finally turned on the computer. Oh, my. If I had known earlier, would a blogging have helped? I hope my Brit readers are all safe, and I grieve for those who were slaughtered, and for those 700 or more injured, and for the survivors, who will have to live with this forever.

Is strange for someone who is generally obsessed with the news to have missed a "big story" like this. Some stories you never want to catch up with, though, do you?

I actually had other things to talk about -- went out yesterday and saw art down at the West Loop Gate galleries, for the first time in forever.

But had to write about this first, and redirect my anger from my petty little feuds with the neighbors to where it should rightly land.

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