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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
I Can't Watch
I can't look at him, I can't listen to his voice.

It makes me physically ill.

At dentist earlier today, have spent rest of afternoon crying and moaning about the upcoming expensive stuff he wants to do to me, even though I've been good and flossed and brushed like crazy. Not fair. Not fair. (also, no dental insurance, which is the really bad part).

Still around 90 degrees, still with that appalling sun, the huge red eye frying everything. People downtown were skulking from shadow to shadow.

And figured out what the huge Millenium Park "Bean" looks like in its covered-up state: a Trojan Horse. At some point hundreds of smaller beans will burst forth and set themselves up as art in parks throughout the city.

Time to check again to see whether he's done...

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