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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Over Here We Get Bridezilla
.... and all their worn-out nannies.

Is this the next "Dancing With the Stars?" Oh, please, say yes!

Welcome to Star Portraits
In each programme a well-known personality has their portrait painted by three professional artists, each of whom will be doing their best to capture the essence of the celebrity sitter using their own particular style. Rolf Harris is our guide through the painting process, explaining the various techniques and sharing the highs and lows with the artist. Finally all three finished portraits are revealed - but which one will the celebrity choose to keep.
Apparently (according to the site) the first series of Star Portraits with Rolf Harris "was watched by 5 million viewers each week. The highest ever ratings for an arts programme." Higher even than the nun program?

Good morning, folks. And happy first day of summer, though it didn't rain again, did it?

Will try to be more artsy today (and less fartsy), and maybe post something new.

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