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Friday, June 17, 2005
Kerry's Fall
This is about the only sane account of what actually took place at the Kerry Skarbakka photo session I can find, until perhaps Brian Ulrich, who had planned to be there to document it, reports back:

Being a fall guy all day long: Relax, it's only art
He began practicing in his back yard, first falling off a tree or a fence. Later, he moved to a porch, then threw himself down a hill repeatedly. He had others take pictures of him, which became the basis for an installation in the MCA's 12x12 new artists display in late 2002.

Over the next several years, Skarbakka experimented with different locales and objects. He broke a rib falling from atop an 8-foot ladder while using a poorly constructed harness. He traveled to Sarajevo and Eastern Europe, falling in places where war was still fresh. On Tuesday, he brought his performance back to the MCA, where crowds swelled on the front steps each time Skarbakka was hoisted by cables, then lowered at varying speeds while cameramen snapped photos from all angles.

Some in the crowd thought it brilliant. Others barely cared. Either way it was, for many, a rare opportunity to see art being made.
Update: Brian reports in here. I originally wrote about it here.

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