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Monday, June 13, 2005
Sitting with Shotgun Across Lap
Not really, but am home right now, guarding the property from the developers who have been using my yard and driveway to dispose of vegetation so I can't get into my garage. Grumble, grumble. Don't want to sound like an old meanie, but I'm very aware that these condos will probably go for more than 300,000 each and I'm the slum, and they probably wish I'd go away.

I was right about the delay. Developer #1 pulled out and Developer #2 bought up everything, property, licenses, plans, etc. They are going ahead (according to the guy I just spoke with) and don't plan on leaving a big hole in the ground after absconding to Costa Rica.

So am illegally parked, checking to see whether enough has been moved to get in the driveway, and glad I came home, sorta.

Up, sleepless, early, hot, whiny. These are the technorati keywords of the day. Art is not one of them. Went up to Elawa Farm, and checked out all the other not-by-Lake-Michigan locations, but it was horrendously hot inland and no shade except for where I sat and painted last time. I am very sensitive (am part Vampire, I've been told) to sun -- welts and hives and pus and itching -- bad for someone who likes to paint outdoors.

So am back and grouchy and unfulfilled.

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