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Monday, June 20, 2005
Rose Fever
Along with the rest of the Chicago Metro area went with visiting friend to the Chicago Botanic Gardens (which are not actually in Chicago) yesterday for lunch and a stroll.

Since we are now at the height of the rose season, I and hundreds of dads dripping with photographic equipment and tripods snapped thousands of portraits of these endlessly patient flowers.

For example:

Here's a shy one:

Finally, a burst of blossoms, rather like at the end of a fireworks display:

My friend went all Hollywood and directed me how to shoot a photograph. "Why do you keep standing in the sun and just pointing straight ahead?" she asked. "Dunno," is what I answered. "I can always fix it it photoshop, right?"

I can barely operate a camera, is the real answer, and I just thank god they've come up with cameras that don't have film now. I could never remember to get it developed, or whether the film rattling around at the bottom of my purse was fresh film or exposed film, or I'd let it sit on the seat of the car until everything turned yellowish green, or I'd stick it in the camera and it wouldn't advance, etc. etc. I understand this is frustrating to watch for someone who actually knows what they're doing.

Have been working on my little "Wish You Were Here" postcards. Will scan in a few tonight, if you're good.

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