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Monday, June 27, 2005
Hoo Boy
... is it hot out.

Have been working on the little colored pencil drawings today and misc. other home-tasks. Not too humid right now. The air-conditioner is keeping the place bearable, if you don't move around too much.

They have reduced the house in the back to piles of rubble, mostly brick and cinderblock, and have begun hauling it away. I really feel for the workers in this heat, but they seem to be taking breaks fairly regularly, though I don't know where they can find any shade (since they cut all the trees at the property lines down...).

Here's what it looked like in happier days:

My lawn is almost completely brown, and I can't find my hose. I think it walked away, along with the sprinkler attached to it. Shit happens.

Listless. Should go to beach or something, but too hot. Watched a bunch of DVDs over the weekend -- Center Stage was great (the dancing, that is. The story was pretty trite). One more to go, then back to the library, the lovely air-conditioned library. May camp out permanently.

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