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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Funny Money
Stocks Mixed As Oil Continues to Rise
Halliburton Inc. fell 67 cents to $48.97 even after the U.S. Army awarded the company a $4.97 billion contract to provide logistics support in Iraq. The contract is $1 billion more than the previous year.
Guess we're winding up operations there now, aren't we? Gonna be pulling out any minute.

Yes, this administration really believes in business, doesn't it? Not small business, of course. The budget for the entire Small Business Administration for 2006 is only $593 million, down 3 percent from last year. Halliburton = $5 billion for one contract. Every small business in the US = about a 10th of it for everything, including small business loan guarantees, training, fixed rate loans, etc. etc. The entire Department of Education's budget is only $56 billion, down 1 percent.

Would be interesting to add up exactly how many of our tax dollars are going into the coffers of a single private company. Anyone? Anyone? Let's not forget the chump change they're throwing at them to build a new torture chamber prison at Guantanamo.

Good late-morning, folks. Sorry I haven't been on the ball these past few days, but there you go. Foot still hurts. Must go to dentist today, so pocketbook bound to hurt as well. So buy some paintings from me, for crying out loud, will ya?

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